Wire Mesh Partition

What can wire do for you? Wire mesh is ideal for traditional uses such as tool cribs, secured storage areas, or maintenance cages. However, the simplicity and strength of this system allows it to be used for machine guards, physical barriers, robotic work cells, pallet rack backing, vertical lift enclosures, DEA approved enclosures and mezzanines railings. A forty eight hour shipping capability is available for standard sizes that do not require approval drawings.

There are many beneficial attributes to our wire partition systems that include:

SIMPLE - modular system utilizes twenty standard panels to accomplish nearly any layout

STRENGTH - panels bolt to posts which have welded base plates for direct anchoring to the floor; no brackets or shoes to come loose.

FAST - the 840 system installs as fast or faster than any other system on the market.

TAMPER-PROOF - our 3/8" hardware - the heaviest in the industry - is inaccessible from the exterior of the partition, preventing intruders from disassembling the parts to gain access to secured items.

*Most enclosures can be built from standard modular parts. However, we are glad to accommodate custom applications and can handle any special requirements your installation may need.